Moving FAQ's

Moving FAQ's

1. How Many Boxes?

Our packages are based on averages taken from the number of people renting our boxes over the years.

  • Studio Moving Package: 20 Medium Boxes, 10 Large Boxes, 2 Wardrobe Boxes
  • Small Moving Package: 25 Medium Boxes, 15 Large Boxes, 3 Wardrobe Boxes
  • Medium Moving Package: 40 Medium Boxes, 20 Large Boxes, 5 Wardrobe Boxes
  • Large Moving Package: 80 Medium Boxes, 40 Large Boxes, 7 Wardrobe Boxes

2. How much are the Rental Fees?

Ordering moving supplies from The Box Buddies is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just order one of our Moving Packages or create your own fully customizable order by adding individual items using our Custom Calculator.

After you estimate the number of boxes and packing products, adjust the Package Quantities or enter the numbers into our Custom Calculator.  Here you will see your total cost. When the rental items are returned in good condition within the two month rental period, there will be no additional costs to you.  (You can arrange to keep the boxes up to three months by prior arrangement.)

However if you fail to return the boxes or tape dispensers in good condition, if you lose any of these rental items, or you do not arrange pickup before the two month rental period has expired, you will be charged the cost of these items as set forth on your delivery order form. "Good condition" means that you assembled, taped, and labeled our boxes as per our instructions, and treated our boxes with reasonable care, and are returning them in the condition you received them, normal wear and tear excepted.


3. Place Your Order - either online or call 1-855-40-BOXES (402-6937)


  • Ordering online is easy - and we don't require credit card information to be given until we have spoken with you and confirmed your order by phone.
  • You can place an order online for any of our Moving Packages or create your own Custom Package.
  • When you have selected the right package and quantities you can place your order online. Your preferred day of delivery, contact details and order are sent through to our Dispatch Center. Your order details will be sent to you by email, with the total cost of the boxes and packing supplies. 
  • One of our friendly Customer Service representatives will then call you to confirm your order and process your payment over the phone. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. 
  • You will be given an order confirmation as well as information on delivery. 

By Phone

  • When you call 1-855-40-BOXES (1-855-402-6937) one of our professional customer service specialists will discuss your move, answer your questions and finalize your order. 
  • You will be given a verbal order confirmation of the total cost of the boxes and packing supplies as well as information on delivery. 
  • You live a busy life, and we understand that. Your Customer Service representative will work with you to select the day and a two-hour window of time that is convenient for you.


4. Delivery Information

Our delivery & pickup service is FREE when you place your Rental Order.  

When your Delivery Specialist arrives in the The Box Buddies van, he/she will show you how easy it is to assemble, tape, label and disassemble our boxes.  

The Box Buddies gives you up to two months to pack, move and unpack.  (Three months is possible by prior arrangement.)


5.  More Boxes or Packing Materials and Supplies Needed?

If you need to adjust the number of boxes based on your original order, The Box Buddies is happy to increase or decrease the number of boxes.  This is The Box Buddies' “Top Up” service.


6. Rental Box Pick-up - Boxes Picked Up and Taken Away After Your Move.

After you have moved and unpacked within our two-month window, call The Box Buddies at 1-855-40-BOXES (1-855-402-6937). A Customer Service Specialist will work with you to determine a day and two-hour time window of time that is convenient for a Delivery Specialist to pick-up our boxes at your new location.

The Delivery Specialist will confirm the condition of our boxes and tape dispensers. If everything was assembled, taped, labeled and treated with care there will be no additional charges.