Steps to Becoming a Box Buddy

How to Become a "The Box Buddies" Franchisee

Six Steps to a new "out of the box" opportunity.

Step 1: Submit Request for Information

If you meet the minimum financial requirements, then complete the online Request for Information Form.

Step 2: Complete an Introductory Call

Because part of a successful franchise engagement is chemistry and personal fit, we want to give us both the opportunity to get to know each other better, answer any existing questions and share additional information about The Box Buddies.

Step 3: Receive The Box Buddies Brand Experience Package

We can promise branding, without sharing some, and we think it's important for you to have materials and samples in hand before moving further. We also include print copies of the required Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement (FA) for your review. Watch your mailbox for The Box Buddies experience to arrive! 

Step 4: Submit The Box Buddies Franchise Application:

Upon a favorable outcome of your review of our brand elements and the required disclosures and agreements, we will ask you to complete and submit a formal application that will include a history of your business/employment experience, special training/education, your financial statement, references and an authorization to run a background/credit check.

Step 5: Visit The Box Buddies Flagship Location for "Decision Day"

We will schedule you to visit our operation in Washington, DC where you will have a better chance to see first-hand how our “Box Buddies” service operates.  You'll go on real deliveries and pickups with real customers; meet real "associate" vendors and independent local professional movers that we work with; meet and interview real customers to hear first-hand how our business and model appeals to them and benefited their move, and finally make an on-site decision and receive our decision at the close of the day before your departure.

Step 6 (last one): Sign The Box Buddies Agreements

Upon a successful and mutual award decision, you will sign the previously provided documents, schedule your Initial Training session and return to your Territory ready to begin building your out of the box empire.

Want More Information?

Use our online form to request additional information, or give us a call at 855-40-BOXES.